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In this broadcast Rob interviews Bradley Lockerman, Writer and Director of the new movie- The John Searl Story.
Bradley comes to the Cafe asking us only one thing. Is it possible to have the solution to the energy crisis and anti-gravidic flight all in one solution? Bradley invites you to see for yourself. Rob interviews him about his movie and they go into detail about the life of Mr. John Searl.

Listen to the interview here (
courtesy of The Paranormal Cafe)


Golden Age Technology Series - Searl Effect Generator

John Searl and the Searl Effect Generator ( Golden Age Technology )

View the featured video program by Supreme Master Television


Prof. Searl interview with william alek ( Progressive Technology Hour)

Listen to the interview here (courtesy of Vortex Network News)




Prof. John Searl interview with Sterling D. Allen (PES Network)
Listen to the interview here (courtesy of )

Searl Proof of Concept Video Posted (by Sterling D. Allan PES Network)
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Prof. John Searl interview with Al May
Listen here to the audio interview (courtesy )



Denver, Colorado - The Searl Effect: Large-Scale Antigravity

Prof. John Searl's 1994 Lecture at the IFNE Conference.

View the video lecture here(courtesy Google video)

(Yes, that is Jim Carrey in a black robe and just above is Searl, next to is Thomas)


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The Technology of Prof. John R.R. Searl
Raum & Zeit



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