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You can assist and invest in tomorrows technology.

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG), in fact had been previously developed to a point where several prototype SEG generators were made and successfully used. The commercial interest at that time focused specifically on the SEG's transport potential. The original generators

were tested and lost in a series of propulsion experiments.

Funds were insufficient to continue with the project at that time.


However, with global climate changes and a looming energy crisis,

it is now imperative that we support the current SEG redevelopment

efforts and subsequently, the unmatched transportation potential of the

Inverse Gravity Vehicle. 


The SEG future and how you can be a part of it.

John Searl is extremely passionate about completing his research and finalizing the SEG's development into production. He is incredibly sincere in his mission to create a better future. You too can help Professor Searl bring his technology to the people.

Most critically, John needs the the funding to realize a production version of the SEG. Your contribution to the Searl Technology is also an investment towards a better world now and a bright future.

If you are considering funding or investment in the current SEG R&D project and subsequently production, private shares of Searl Magnetics are available to our investment partners. Our Investors are welcomed to visit our facilities located in Thailand at anytime to meet and see our progress.

Email your inquiry to the site administrator now with all of the given advantages currently available and invest in the future today.


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I, Prof. John Searl hereby declare that I fully understand the axiomatic that what goes up must come down in the end. There is similar level of acceptance among businesses and more so with retailers that as much as a third of what’s delivered may come back.

Clearly, the assumption that business and retailers must price outbound delivery charges and the price of goods at a sufficiently high level to absorb the cost of these return products, but behind every assumption is the opportunity to find more profit and/or satisfaction for the customer.

I am making this pledge, that none of our manufactured products will be over priced to cover the cost of returns because I see no reason why any SEG should malfunction during normal operation and therefore there will be no reason whatsoever to up its cost.

Furthermore, I declare that my company will insure all our products be free to our customers should it malfunction. That is how great my faith is in this technology and all my company's products will have a 10 year guarantee on it.

Searl Technology company’s aim is to produce absolutely clean energy and pollution free transport systems; even with space exploration missions.

There is still much work to undertake to get various countries set up to mass production of the SEG with the intent to develop the IGV at the same time. This is a rather tall request at this stage, but the IGV concept will certainly be under study.

                                                       Professor John R.R. Searl


From Thailand:

We the members of the team who are creating the world of tomorrow for the benefits of planet Earth by which you the people of planet Earth will benefit from our efforts and devotion. We sincerely thank you for the interest you have shown for this work.

Unfortunate, this project in reality means taking into account the high cost of test equipment, materials, heavy machinery and tooling along with operational expenses.

We as a team, can promise you our devotion to get this technology to the marketplace as soon as it is possible to start up mass production, which does rely on funding being available to complete current R&D.

We shall continue to update our websites so it will be a public record of an impossible project that started as a dream, became reality through the devotion of a few who were prepared to prove that it is possible.

Like all those everyday machines and electronics you see today,

they were impossible dreams until someone took the gamble,

made the effort and won; we too shall win for everyone's benefit.

To the future of the people of planet Earth, may the power be with you always, good health and bless you all for your interest - Thai Team.


Searl Technology General Business Plan Overview

Company Business- Owns the Intellectual rights with the Inventor to research and development, manage, negotiate and authorize formal agreements regarding the Searl Effect Technology (SET) which is based on the Searl Effect Generator (SEG). Subsequently, develop electrical generators with designs capacities ranging from 15 Kilowatts and up to but not limited to a 1 Megawatt capacity.

Technical Advantage- A revolutionary concept in generator design that is non-polluting and environmentally safe to operate. A system that utilizes a quantum effect between layered materials that converts natural ambient sources of energy such as temperature gradients and solar radiation present in the air into useful electrical currents with moving parts designed to operate on a magnetic bearing for a lifetime of continuous service.

Market Prospective- The World market is now in dire need of clean economical electrical power and this situation is expected to increase with economic and population growths.

Company Opportunities-  Offering the market solution to generating pollution free electrical energy that can ranging from powering homes to civic grids.

Advantages in Competition- There no competitors on the market with this particular technology and no other company has the personal with the technical expertise nor the magnetizing capacity to reproduce it.  The system is protect by a sophisticated magnetization process that imprints patterns on permanent magnetic layers that can not be reversed engineered. The cylindrically shaped layered construction, energy output, reliability and continuous operation gives it a distinct advantage over the competition in the field of energy production at both small and large scales.

Profitability Forecast- From those that know it best, this technology is expected to be the dominant means of energy production of the future.  The profitability forecast is vast, as much as the energy market itself and growth is only limited by the rate at which these generators can be produced and implemented. Factored in are the profits in savings considering that never is gas, oil, or hazardous nuclear materials utilized or consumed to generate electrical power with this technology.

Use of Proceeds- revenues will be focused on allocating expanding manufacturing capabilities and developing increasingly larger generators and subsequently, build additional facilities for manufacturing in many countries to meet the power requirements for any given region.

Basic Information- The SEG consists of 3 large ring type stators that are specially magnetized with patterns designed to generate continual motion of similarly magnetized cylindrical rotors.  The rotors are free to rotate around the stator rings with mutually interactive eddy currents of induction that forms a frictionless magnetic bearings between moving parts.  In the process, electrons pair up as bosons, accelerate to form electrical currents and thus are harnessed for their kinetic energy before they emitted out to the air again. This makes for an open energy cycle that extracts energy out the environment  and consequently cools down the ambient air only for its inherent energy. It is a system that converts random energy at the quantum level into a coherent flow of electron currents. It is ideally suited for the World’s demand for green energy that is as benign to the biosphere as a solar cell or a even hydroelectric dam.

Industrial Background Analysis- There is a general consensus that the World’s energy demand can no longer be sustained by the decreasing oil reserves which is increasing cost of fossil fuels. Also, the widespread concern about resource depletion and environmental degradation are common to all other means of generating electrical energy which have sorted limitations and hazards that prevent each of them from gaining a larger share of the energy market.

Product and Technical Strengths- The SEG is a design to deliver electrical energy on demand and to response instantly to changing load conditions systematically.  It is a frictionless and noiseless generator that never wears against its moving parts. This is a matter that adds value to the product and enables it to operate uninterrupted indefinitely.  A design that can be engineered for 15Kilowatt of electrical output at minimum and can be scaled up in size to meet larger requirements or can be operated in tandem for those greater capacities. The SET is a green energy alternative and a system  that will not create pollution nor contribute to Global warming at anytime.

Market Analysis and Orientation- SET applies to a broad category of fields within energy and transportation markets, such decentralized power for residential homes, power of electrical cars, portable generators, etc.  The company's business orientation at this time will focus in supplying power with 1 megawatt generators. Future consideration will be given to the broader market opportunities after the first business objective has been achieved.

Development and Operation Strategies- First phase involves the R&D timetable for 15Kw to 100Kw prototypes which will lead towards the development of a 1 megawatt SEG; a manufacture's prototype designed for production.



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