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What is the Searl Effect

Generator (SEG)?



The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is a self-contained, electrical power generator, able to produce clean and sustainable energy. It is a magnetic prime mover that operates without friction and can supply electrical power to suit both home and industry.

The core technology behind the SEG is referred to as the "Searl Effect" which enables natural ambient sources of energy to be converted into useful electrical power.

The SEG is based on magnetic fields that generates a continual motion of magnetized rollers around magnetized rings that in turn produces electrical currents and under certain conditions, a unique gravitomagnetic force is also generated.

Electricity can be produced as pulsed DC or AC and hence, the SEG can be utilized to supply power to existing electrical grids or supply it on a decentralized bases,  drive electric motors for cars or ships. It can be scaled it up and designed to take full advantage of its gravitomagnetic side-effect for propulsion; a condition exhibited by the SEG in the super conductive state. This is the bases of the Inversed Gravity Vehicle (IGV) that can provide for a system of domestic and space transportation that is unmatched by any other means.

During normal operation the SEG generates very high electrical potentials that ionizes the air and incidentally kills airborne bacteria and viruses.

The SEG functions by creating negative ions to its surrounding environment, causing loosely attached contaminants to be removed from the air by causing them to drop to the ground while it produces useful energy.

This is the health benefit of the SEG that can be used to purify and cool the air that is as refreshing as spring water; ideally suited for hospitals but can be used just as well for homes and work places.

The SEG is a converter of nature's ambient sources of unlimited energy and it does so without the use of fuels as it is commonly known.

Anything that can be run electrically can be powered by the SEG without creating pollution, nor will it add more energy than what is already present in our Earth's atmosphere or biosphere.

If we the people of the World transition to this marvelous technology,

we would eliminate pollution from internal combustion and various other methods of heating which are problematic and inefficient ways to produce electrical energy.

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